#Diamond brand powder in juice says #Bokar.Perandi

#Diamond is the hardest thing in the world, its juice has the ability to break the carbon bond!

They said do something for #knee pain.

After washing and eating brinda once in two days in the last twenty days, they said that the pain is not clear and the body is not tired for the last week.

During the days of ploughing, my mother used to wash with brantai, jasmine, duthuvalai, curry leaves to relieve leg pain. We did the same here.

#Bogar Nikandu is the best medicine for 300 types of diseases which start from mouth to ashes (calcium) is mentioned in Bogger Nikandu I have realized from my experience that especially in small intestines can be solved immediately by branda.

If you eat about 300mg of brandai salt in honey or ghee daily, the waste from the body is eliminated and the body can be felt immediately after the exit of gas in the small intestine and stomach.

This is the medicine for the calcium deficiency in women who are painless if they use pipolar pain and stomach pain during menstrual period…

When many defects are cured due to brinda, why should we take calcium tablets and destroy the kidney, think…..

Another name for this is because “Vajjiravalli” makes the body diamond…

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